Posted: 21.02.2023 11:48:00

Expert: Biden’s visit to Kiev demonstrates the West is a party to Ukrainian conflict

Russia is actually at war with the West on the territory of Ukraine, and the unannounced visit of US President Joe Biden to Kiev proves this – as noted by senior research fellow at the Institute for US and Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Vasiliev


During a visit to the Ukrainian capital the head of the White House said that Kiev would receive a new $500m military aid package, which would include HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, howitzers, projectiles, Javelin complexes, ammunition, anti-tank systems and radars.

“It is clear that Biden is war, war and again war. It is necessary to understand one very important thing that this visit shows very clearly: Russia is not conducting a special military operation against the Kiev regime and [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelenskyy, it is at war with Biden,” Vladimir Vasiliev believes.

According to the expert, Joe Biden is well aware that he entered the war with Russia.

“Biden is an American political chameleon. Maybe he was not like that at the end of the 20th century, but then life forced him. <...> All American politicians follow this path, especially the Democrats. They are all chameleons. But from the point of view of the fixed idea that Biden is hatching, this is a war, and to the bitter end. <...> Hence the money, military equipment, more and more new weapons systems,” Vladimir Vasiliev noted.

Yesterday, on February 20th, after a visit to Kiev, Biden left for Poland. His train was met at the station in Przemyśl on the border with Ukraine. The arrival of the American leader in Poland was announced by Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Piotr Wawrzyk.