Posted: 23.02.2023 11:09:00

Expert: Biden’s fate depends on the outcome of Ukraine conflict

The Ukrainian conflict has become one of the main political challenges for US President Joe Biden – as noted by senior research fellow at the Institute for US and Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Vasiliev


The expert drew attention to the fact that Joe Biden abandoned all the problems of his country and began to actively deal with the issues of Kiev.

“Over the past two years, if we talk briefly about the Biden presidency, then it can be reduced to only one problem: the war in Ukraine with Russia. All other problems are abandoned; they are not solved. Today, the fate of the US President depends on what will happen in Kiev, in the vastness of Ukraine,” Vladimir Vasiliev believes.

According to the expert, the head of the White House has actually become a hostage to the events in Ukraine.

“There is nothing to brag about in the USA. There are no achievements. <...> Therefore, today Biden is leading the ‘crusade’ of the West against the Slavic world. <...> The US President has become a hostage to the events in Ukraine. This predetermines many processes, even his visit to Kiev was a forced step,” Vladimir Vasiliev is confident.

The American leader visited the Ukrainian capital on February 20th. Joe Biden’s visit has not been previously announced. Officially, the White House reported that on February 20th-22nd, the US President would be in Poland. Joe Biden, during a visit to the Ukrainian capital, said that Kiev would receive a new $500m military aid package, which would include HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, howitzers, projectiles, Javelin complexes, ammunition, anti-tank systems and radars.