Posted: 08.07.2022 11:09:00

Expert believes sooner or later all Central Asia countries must join EAEU and CSTO

This was noted by political scientist Piotr Petrovsky as he talked with the 1st National Channel of the Belarusian Radio

The expert explained why uniting countries is important, “All the countries of Central Asia, sooner or later, must enter both the EAEU and the CSTO. First of all, this is Uzbekistan, if we are talking about the CSTO and the EAEU. Tajikistan, if we are talking about the Eurasian Union, because it is a member of the CSTO. There is also the issue with Turkmenistan, despite the fact that this country positions itself as a neutral state. It seems to me that in order to strengthen security (Turkmenistan borders on Afghanistan) and to stabilise the economic situation in this country, it should join the pan-Eurasian project. After all, today, as we know, one is not a warrior in the field,” the political scientist said.