Posted: 24.08.2023 18:00:00

Expert: Belarus ready to resist new information war against background of election campaign

Belarus is ready to resist attempts of destabilisation during the pre-election period – as stated by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company, in his talk with Alfa Radio

Igor Karpenko, the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus, has recently announced the beginning of an active phase of the preparation for the 2024 election campaign, and Ivan Eismont commented, “We are ready [for a new round of the election campaign and information war]. The main thing is that people are ready. There has been some progress in this regard in Belarus, and I mean here people's awareness of what is happening around them. It is necessary to understand how our former Western partners work with Belarus, what their vision of the elections in our country is, and what they are doing to turn the elections in the republic into unrest. In 2020, they succeeded; there was the unrest – though it was not as wide-scale as it had been predicted for us.”

Mr. Eismont believes that Belarusians see potential threats and do not want the fate of Ukraine for their country. “The state is taking certain measures to minimise the risks and influence on the elections from the outside. The steps that have been taken to preserve electoral sovereignty (non-interference of information, technological and financial [aspects]) cannot but please,” he noted.

The Chairman of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company also speculated about what destructive forces are doing in a period between elections. “They are doing nothing, but continue receiving grants from Western funds with a very specific task: to overthrow the state power in Belarus in any way – not just to gain power, but to build an anti-Russia. No one is hiding it anymore. They have hysterics every time about the alleged falsification of elections, an unfair approach to them. Actually, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones! A person who works in our Editors’ Club TV programme was a member of Milinkevich's initiative group in 2006. Do you remember that time when he brought people to Oktyabrskaya Square in Minsk, and tents were placed there?.. Many years later, Milinkevich gave an interview to an extremist resource. He was asked then whether his votes had been stolen in 2006, and he replied ‘no’. He voiced the real figures, admitting that he could collect only that number then. So you can ask this man how they tried to collect some signatures during the day and toured each other's headquarters during the night – to make copies of the collected signatures and add those votes to their lists. That could be done by easy machinations," Mr. Eismont said.