Posted: 12.03.2022 12:18:00

Belarus and Russia need to have internal price climate, expert asserts

Vasily Koltashov, the Head of the Centre for Political and Economic Studies at the Institute of the New Society, shared his opinion with Belarus 1 TV channel

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“Rising prices worldwide are generated not only by the events that are taking place in Ukraine. One of the reasons for this growth is determined by the huge amount of money supply, primarily the US dollar. It is worth noting that prices will continue to rise in the coming years. Belarus and Russia need to create a very close Eurasian bloc that will be lobbying our interests on the world market while also enabling us to sell our own products in the most profitable way. It is necessary that Belarus and Russia have their own internal price climate. This will allow the industry to develop. This is what will pull us out and save us. In the conditions of global skyrocketing prices, it won’t be so expensive in our countries. It will be possible to set up profitable enterprises, and this may even be interesting for western investors. Later, they will realise that they need to invest where they thought it was impossible for various far-fetched reasons. These shifts will help the Union State,” explained the expert.