Posted: 29.03.2023 12:06:00

Expert: Beijing already developed immunity to US demands

The United States, which is dissatisfied with the development of Russian-Chinese relations, will try to put sticks in the wheels – as stated by a reporter of the Chinese CGTN TV channel, Konstantin Shchepin


“The United States will, of course, try in every possible way to undermine Russian-Chinese relations. It will put pressure on China, trying to drive a wedge in the relations of Beijing and Moscow through the Central Asian countries,” the expert said.

Mr. Shchepin added that Washington regularly addresses China with a demand to end relations with Moscow. “Official Beijing has already developed a certain immunity to such demands. China's rhetoric is now very clear, solid and sustained. China understands that Washington's policy has no longer any common sense, since the latter has virtually disappeared there. Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang said this directly," he stressed.

According to the expert, the United States has always adhered to double standards in relation to China, “China already responds quite calmly to the US appeals, just ignoring them. I want to emphasise that Americans already start to understand the inconsistency of their demands, and this refers not only to relations with Russia.”