Posted: 28.02.2022 17:23:00

Europe demonstrates double standards in relation to protest actions

This opinion was voiced by political expert Aleksandr Shpakovsky during his talk with Alfa Radio

The programme host, Vadim Shepet, drew attention to the paradox: campaigns against Russia's actions in Ukraine are taking place in Europe, and many people are coming out to protest, “Meanwhile, I have noticed the following. In times of the coronavirus restrictions when people in Europe went out to protest, they were beaten, detained, poisoned with gas and poured over with water cannons. There is not a single detention now. The police respond calmly, though I am convinced that these actions are illegal and do not comply with the coronavirus-related legislation, for example.”

“Based on the anti-epidemic measures – previously taken in the European Union, any mass actions and gatherings of citizens are illegal. Of course, we need to figure out now which country supports the lockdown and which one has cancelled it, and so on. However, do you remember how the police in different countries beat and arrested people who were going to parties just to dance? Last year, Lithuanian police called on citizens to inform against each other if they suddenly noticed that music was playing at a neighbour’s house on holidays, or many people gathered at once,” Mr. Shpakovsky commented.

The expert correlated the recent European events with the realities of the current protests. “There are demonstrations now… Coronavirus is disappearing in Europe when a need arises to hold protests against elections in Belarus, Russia or in other political circumstances beneficial to the collective West. This is all ridiculous. Everyone has suddenly forgotten about this deadly disease and gone into the Ukrainian issue,” he said.