Posted: 28.02.2022 11:04:00

EU’s airspace closed for Russia since February 28th

The European Union has closed its airspace for Russia, and the ban applies to any aircraft, TASS reports


As the Official Journal of the EU as of February 28th notes, ‘it shall be prohibited for any aircraft operated by Russian air carriers, including as a marketing carrier <...>, or for any Russian registered aircraft, or for any non-Russian registered aircraft which is owned or chartered, or otherwise controlled by any Russian natural or legal person, entity or body, to land in, take off or overfly the territory of the European Union’.

However, exceptions are envisaged – i.e. regarding a humanitarian aid. "The competent authorities may authorise an aircraft to land in, take off from or overfly the territory of the EU if such landing, take-off or overflight is required for humanitarian purposes or for any other purpose consistent with the objectives of this regulation," the document reads.

Earlier, a number of European countries announced the closure of airspace for Russian aircraft against the background of the Ukrainian events.