Posted: 21.12.2022 12:05:00

Erdogan said Borrell has no right to determine relations between Türkiye and Russia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes that EU diplomat Josep Borrell has no right to decide how Ankara should develop its relations with Moscow, TASS reports


Erdogan told reporters from the presidential pool upon his return from the city of Turkmenbashi that he does not take Borrell as his interlocutor.

“Borrell cannot appoint or regulate our relations with Russia. He has neither the quality nor the capacity to make such a decision on these matters. Who is he to evaluate our relations with Russia in the scope of sanctions?” he noted.

The Turkish leader also criticised Borrell’s position towards Ankara in connection with the efforts it is making to implement the Istanbul agreements on grain.

“While all the leaders of Europe are thanking us, you are making such statements,” Erdogan stated.