Posted: 11.03.2024 10:16:00

Eismont shed light on how Lukashenko's work schedule is being formed

In her talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel, the press secretary of the President of Belarus, Natalya Eismont, shed light on some nuances of the formation of Aleksandr Lukashenko's work schedule

As noted by journalists, unpredictability is peculiar for the Belarusian leader's work schedule, so they asked the press secretary what events with the President’s participation are planned for the coming future.

Natalya Eismont recalled that 2024 is Year of Quality in Belarus. “We understand that the President will definitely turn to a wide variety of spheres and industries this year, focusing on the quality of their operation,” she said. “We know that a big conversation on industry is planned, and the President has already announced it. These are the interesting nuances of the formation of the President's schedule, when the event is promptly prepared, its materials, participants and speakers are chosen, but the President – after looking at the specifics of the proposed scenario – instructs to intensify the preparation for the event and its plan. Actually, our President believes that a meeting of the kind cannot take place, for example, without the participation of the directors of our main enterprises. The format will be expanded and strengthened, and this will be a fundamental event related to our most important branch: the industry. This is a simple example of how an event can transform, how closely the President studies it, how seriously and attentively he investigates all its nuances and details.”

Ms. Eismont is convinced that the President will pay attention to absolutely all areas this year, which is the most important for Belarus from a political point of view as well. “I think and am convinced that – together with you – I will travel a lot around the country, visiting the regions. By the way, I can tell you that the Head of State has already travelled around the fields in the Minsk Region, not far from the places where he lives – not inviting the media representatives. I know for sure that he inspected, looked at the condition of the soil, and so on. Accordingly, based on this fact, we can say that a sowing campaign is beginning, and this is also an important aspect. There will be a lot of regional trips and major events, and we can announce this already for sure.”