Posted: 29.03.2022 17:07:00

Eismont hopes Russia-Ukraine talks lead to peace

Natalya Eismont, the Press Secretary of Belarus’ President, hopes the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian negotiations are steps on the path to peace. As reported by BelTA, she said this today while guiding a tour at the Palace of Independence.


Guests to the Palace of Independence were invited to visit the historic Green Hall: in 2015, the Normandy format talks on the settlement of a conflict in Ukraine were held here.

"Of course, this hall does not need any special presentation. Everyone remembers and knows perfectly well what happened here. It is not so easy to talk about this at present. We all see what is happening around us. And we are all definitely distressed,” Ms. Eismont noted. “Peace talks are taking place again today, and we really hope that these are steps on the path to peace. These negotiations have been organised with direct participation of our President; the first three rounds of talks were held in Belarus. Turkey is hosting them today.”

"No matter how it is and wherever it is, it is clear that we all want there to be peace. In the same way and with the same thoughts, we worked in this hall back in 2015," Ms. Eismont added.