Posted: 06.02.2023 09:58:00

Eismont: entire Belarus will feel the results of co-operation with UAE and agreements of between two presidents

The results of co-operation with the United Arab Emirates and the agreements of the presidents will be felt by the entire Belarus and its people – as stressed by Press Secretary of the President of Belarus Natalya Eismont in an interview with the media, BelTA reports


“As it was originally planned, at the end of the state visit to Zimbabwe, the Head of State returned, and again visited the United Arab Emirates, where he held the main meeting with the UAE President. Of course, this is a very important moment: for the first time in his current status, although the leaders have been friends for a very long time. We have seen many meetings in previous years, in the status of Crown Prince [with the President of the UAE, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan].There have always been very serious and very promising conversations. This, of course, is the main point,” said Natalya Eismont.

As already reported, the meeting of the heads of state lasted four hours in a warm, homely atmosphere.

“It all speaks for itself. Of course, I cannot currently reveal any new details of these negotiations. In this case, there is a specific character of the moment. And we all understand that there is much more here than these words that we could announce today; the results will speak for themselves that, I am absolutely convinced, our entire country and all our people will feel in the future,” the Press Secretary said.

According to her, there is a lot of work there, which does not need to be discussed today.

“We have outlined the directions: trade-economic, investment, and humanitarian interaction. All this is so closely intertwined today. It was a very promising conversation. We can limit ourselves to this today,” Natalya Eismont summed up.