Posted: 23.06.2022 10:32:00

Egypt interested in Belarusian dairy products and vegetable oil

Representatives of about four dozen exporters and importers of Belarus and Egypt participated in a videoconference on food trade to discuss how they can be useful to each other – as reported by the National Centre for Marketing and Price Study in its Telegram channel

Photo by National Centre for Marketing and Price Study 

Belarusian milk and vegetable oil producers prepared a presentation of their products. In addition, the sides discussed prospects for the supply of meat products (Halal), sugar beet, oilseeds (flax), and corn to Egypt. In turn, Egyptian exporters are ready to sell vegetables, fruits and seafood to Belarus.

Nikolai Borisevich, the Director of the National Centre for Marketing and Price Study, noted that the meeting became a starting point for establishing mutually beneficial co-operation, and the Belarusian institution is ready to act as a reliable guide.

Requests from those interested in supplies of certain food products will be processed by the Centre in order to assist in establishing new business contacts.