Posted: 19.01.2022 09:03:00

Efficient digitalisation

A new ministry will be created in Belarus, the state will help improve the financial literacy of citizens. These topics were discussed at a meeting of the President with the leaders of the Council of Ministers.

Photo by BELTA

When addressing the meeting participants, Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that the digitalisation process should be built primarily in the interests of the individual,
“The digital sphere should not only improve the life of people, but also improve their well-being through highly efficient production.”
A number of topical issues have been prepared for this conversation. They include draft decisions of the President on improving the procurement system, managing the property of joint households, and increasing the level of financial literacy of the population. The agenda also includes the creation of a new state body — the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications.
Aleksandr Lukashenko reasonably remarked, “On the one hand, thanks to the rapid development of digital technologies, the world really began to change very quickly. And we need to take full advantage of these processes. On the other hand, it should be remembered and understood that the state should be proactive in making decisions on the regulation of this sphere.” 

The Head of State drew attention to the fact that the necessary basic infrastructure has been created in the country: data transmission networks have been developed, reliable data processing and storage centres have been built, and modern information security tools have been introduced. The main thing is that all this works for the benefit of people. And another benchmark point was outlined by the President,
“More attention should be paid to the digitalisation of the real sector of the economy, ensuring the competitiveness of enterprises.”
Following the discussion, the Head of State supported the creation of the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications. The corresponding draft decree will be finalised and submitted.

ABC of finance

The documents considered at the meeting include the draft decree ‘On financial consulting for individuals’. 
Aleksandr Lukashenko stated, “The pace of development of the financial market is explained by the modern economic trends. Therefore, the population has certain problems due to the fact that the average level of its financial literacy does not always keep up with the ongoing events.”
The President pointed out that getting assistance in choosing a financial institution, investment or credit products themselves are issues that most members of our society face. Therefore, he outlined specific tasks and goals,
“In this case, the task of the state is to form an effective institution of professional assistance to people who need qualified support to manage their finances. I’m only afraid, studying this idea, so that we, again, do not drag something that is not in demand in society.”
By Dmitry Kryat, Polina Konoga