Posted: 24.12.2021 14:01:00

Education Ministry and Orthodox Church to launch joint course

The Spiritual and Moral Education of Youth course has been proposed for Belarusian young people by the Education Ministry and the Orthodox Church, and this is an important step in co-operation of state bodies and religious organisations to solve social problems – as noted by the Commissioner for Religious and Ethnic Affairs, Aleksandr Rumak


The official stressed that participation of the church is vital for spiritual and moral education of young people. “We aim to determine what should be done for our younger generation to generate a sense of patriotism and pride for their country since early childhood. All religious denominations bring good since people visit churches with kind souls and are ready to help. With this in view, participation of religious citizens in supporting socially vulnerable, disabled people and the elderly is of great importance. The institution of the family requires support, while Christian traditions help ensure that families are strong. Many children are born in such families,” he stressed.

Minsk is the most multi-confessional region of Belarus: 22 of the 25 registered denominations are represented here.

“Each person chooses a religion for themselves and has an opportunity to visit churches in accordance with their choice,” Mr. Rumak said. “Religious organisations cannot stay away from the existing problems which require collaboration.”