Posted: 16.03.2023 10:25:00

Earthquake damage in Turkiye estimated

According to the latest data, the earthquake damage in Turkiye amounts to about $80bn, and the affected regions have begun to produce 40 percent less products for export, TASS reports


The Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirisci, commented on the situation, “That became a very painful event for us. The estimated damage is $80bn, and the damage to the Water Resources Department alone as a result of earthquakes amounts to 22bn Liras ($1.15bn)," the Demiroren agency quotes him as saying. Mr. Kirisci noted that the financial losses of this department may increase even more when the time comes to start watering the acreage using a pressurised water supply system. "We don't know yet where there is damage in this system."

The earthquakes affected Turkish exports as well. According to Mr. Kirisci, the share of the provinces that survived the disaster in the total volume of Turkish exports is about 15.5 percent only. After the earthquakes, these regions began to produce 40 percent less products for export.

"Exports from eleven provinces in the earthquake zone have dropped from $2.947bn in 2022 to $1.783bn," the official added.