Posted: 06.04.2022 15:37:00

EAEU working over new export logistics routes

The Eurasian Economic Union is now involved into development of new export logistics routes – as informed by the official representative of the Eurasian Economic Commission, Iya Malkina


Queues of trucks in both directions are still observed at the EU border, and not only carriers from Russia and Belarus suffer – but also the EAEU partner states. Ms. Malkina commented on this fact, saying that ‘EEC is now working to enhance sustainability of the EAEU economies’.

In particular, measures aimed to create a favourable regime for cargo transportation in priority directions are envisaged. New logistics supply chains will be developed, and a comprehensive plan focusing on the development of Eurasian transport corridors is to be prepared.

According to Ms. Malkina, recommendations on the development of transport and logistics centres within the EAEU will be adopted, and a list of priority integration infrastructure projects will be compiled.

“We hope the results of this work will help solve the problem of cargo delivery in the current conditions,” Ms. Malkina added.