Posted: 14.10.2021 09:44:00

EAEU mutual trade up

From January-August 2021, the volume of mutual trade in goods made $45bn which is 31 percent more than in the same period last year – as announced by the official representative of the Eurasian Economic Commission, Iya Malkina 

Photo from facebook account

“The level of the same pre-COVID period in 2019 has been exceeded by 14.6 percent. The share of mutual trade in the EAEU total turnover amounted to 14.6 percent,” Ms. Malkina informed.

She added that all EAEU member states have registered a growth in mutual trade volumes, “The largest one was recorded in Kazakhstan (by 38 percent) and Russia (by almost 34 percent). Armenia’s supplies to the EAEU market have increased by almost 31 percent. Kyrgyzstan traded 30 percent more, and Belarus demonstrated an increase of almost 22.5 percent.”

In particular, Belarus sold more metals and products made of them (a 1.4-fold rise), wood, pulp and paper products (28 percent), textiles and footwear (almost 27 percent) to the Eurasian Economic Union’s domestic market,” Ms. Malkina informed.