Posted: 07.02.2023 16:23:00

EAEU inflation stood at 12.9% in 2022

The consumer price index for goods and services in the Eurasian Economic Union made 100.8 percent in December 2022 against November 2022, and it was 112.9 percent against December 2021, the EEC Statistics Department reports

As noted by the Eurasian Economic Commission’s survey, non-food prices increased the most in 2022 (by 13.3 percent). In turn, food products became 12.2 percent more expensive, and paid services rose in price by 12.9 percent.

The increase in food prices, higher than the average for the EAEU, was recorded in Kazakhstan (25.3 percent), Kyrgyzstan (17.1 percent) and Belarus (13.8 percent), and the greatest increase in non-food prices was in Kazakhstan (19.4 percent) and Belarus (13.7 percent). Paid services became more expensive in Kazakhstan (14.1 percent) and Russia (13.2 percent).

Against November 2022 figures, inflation in December stood at 1.2 percent in Kazakhstan, 1.1 percent in Armenia, 1.1 percent in Kyrgyzstan, 0.8 percent in Russia, and 0.4 percent in Belarus.