Posted: 17.03.2023 14:25:00

EAEU digital agenda being implemented

The Eurasian Economic Commission continues to actively work on building a strong digital framework for the four freedoms through the Integrated Information System of the Union – as stated by Iya Malkina, an official representative of the EEC, during an online briefing

“The parties have jointly adopted all strategic documents related to the intelligent information system and the vector of its development until 2027. Our common short-term task is to connect all countries to the common processes for which full technical readiness has been ensured this year. This is of fundamental importance, since it will balance the load on the connection,” Ms. Malkina said.

According to the official, about 54 general processes are in technical readiness now, and twenty-four have been put into operation. However, the level of the countries’ connectivity is still insufficient.

“By the end of 2024, the EAEU is expected to increase the number of common processes for which information exchange between countries will be carried out to more than seventy. The EEC sets itself the task of providing full technical and organisational support for information exchange in the G2G format within the framework of various business processes,” Ms. Malkina noted.

At the same time, large-scale work has begun on reforming the digital agenda, and – as noted by the official – it is to get more concrete outlines in Q2 2023. “Another important task for us is to ensure a legally significant document flow between the Union’s states, and concrete steps in this direction have already been taken,” Ms. Malkina summed up.