Posted: 24.06.2024 16:39:00

Drozdenko outlined areas in Leningrad Region where Belarus’ assistance and support are much-in-demand

After today’s meeting with President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko, Governor of Russia’s Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko told reporters about the areas in which assistance and support from Belarus are much-in-demand in the Leningrad Region

In particular, Alexander Drozdenko noted, “Today we’ve talked more about the support to the Leningrad Region on major investment projects. Now we have a portfolio of investments worth 6.5 trillion Russian Roubles. These are large construction sites, and we need qualified builders who would work on the construction of gas chemical complexes, the third and fourth power units of the Leningrad NPP-2, and the second stage of the Vysotsky grain terminal. We currently lack 50 thousand workers in the construction sector, of which about 10-12 thousand are qualified. We understand that it is very difficult to ‘close’ this figure, but at least we can see that large Belarusian companies join subcontracts and attract narrow specialists: installation fitters, welders, and adjusters of complex digital equipment. During the meeting, the President of Belarus instructed the Government to provide assistance and support to the Leningrad Region in this issue.”

The Leningrad Region gasification programme is the second topic for co-operation.

“This is not only the laying of pipelines. This also includes the supply of modern gas-powered boiler houses. We have studied the experience and price parameters of the Belarusian side’s proposals. We are completely satisfied, since everything is very competitive and of high quality,” the Russian governor stressed.

There are also plans to liaise on the supply of water treatment plants, and such a direction as fish farming was also tackled during the meeting.

“Today, the Leningrad Region is ranked third in Russia in terms of trout production. We are already buying fry and equipment from the Belarusian side, and now we are talking about the supply of mixed fodder for fish,” Alexander Drozdenko said.