Posted: 23.05.2023 09:43:00

DPRK expert: US seeking to create nuclear alliance with Japan, S. Korea

Kim Sol Hwa, from DPRK Foreign Ministry’s Institute for Japan Studies, believes the United States is seeking to create ‘a trilateral nuclear alliance’ in Northeast Asia, Korean Central Telegraph Agency reports


Kim Sol Hwa recalled the Washington Declaration of the United States and South Korea on deterring the DPRK. In her opinion, Japan can also join this document at any time, since Tokyo is already openly trying to become part of it.

"If Japan continues to constantly try to create a trilateral military alliance, ignoring reality, it will destabilise Northeast Asia and plunge it into a sea of fire, in which it will perish," Kim Sol Hwa emphasised.

According to the expert, the declaration is an undisguised scenario of nuclear confrontation, which poses a threat to peace and security not only on the Korean peninsula, but also on the entire planet.