Posted: 12.07.2022 12:21:00

Dovgalo: the law on civil society is necessary

Now the deputies are continuing a very serious period of drafting bills to bring the legislation in line with the updated Constitution. Irina Dovgalo, a member of the Standing Committee on Legislation of the House of Representatives, said in her Telegram channel that the law on civil society is necessary.

The parliamentarian noted that there should be a clear and uniform interpretation of the concept of civil society by absolutely all subjects.

“The new political institution – the Belarusian People’s Congress – will require special attention, since it will not be an update, but completely new draft laws. Moreover, it is worth noting that a number of provisions of the Belarusian People’s Congress also require separate draft laws. First of all, a draft law on civil society is needed,” underlined the deputy.

Irina Dovgalo also indicated that during the formation of the composition of the Belarusian People’s Congress, representatives of civil society are represented in a separate category.

“Moreover, the decisions of the Belarusian People’s Congress – as a new type of documents – must be reflected in the Law On Regulatory and Legal Acts. This once again underlines that a scrupulous and thoughtful approach to bringing the legislation into compliance with the new norms of the Constitution is necessary. That is what the President of Belarus focused on,” said the parliamentarian.

Irina Dovgalo added, “Labour in our time is a great right and a great responsibility. That means that everyone should do their job in their place honestly, professionally and effectively.”