Posted: 11.01.2022 16:49:00

Diplomats made proposals to Basic Law

A round table discussion has been organised today at Belarus’ Foreign Ministry to focus on draft amendments and additions to the Constitution

As informed by the Foreign Ministry, the meeting gathered together heads and employees of the central office and Belarusian foreign institutions.

Belarus’ Foreign Minister, Vladimir Makei, addressed those present, emphasising the significance of the Basic Law and the constitutional process in ensuring stability of state-building and also absolute importance of progressive and evolutionary development of society to preserve the country’s true independence and sovereignty.

Natalya Karpovich, the Deputy Chairperson of the Constitutional Court and a member of the Constitutional Commission, took part in the event as its main speaker. She focused on the proposed amendments and additions to the Constitution, informing on the process of discussing these changes, the reasons and purposes for introducing certain norms and clarifications – among other issues.

As reported by the Foreign Ministry, the diplomats actively shared views on a range of substantive issues and made proposals. The provisions of the Constitution which are primarily of interest in the foreign political sphere were discussed in detail.