Posted: 06.02.2023 11:16:00

Details of Lukashenko's schedule in UAE revealed

Natalya Eismont, the press secretary of the Head of State, has revealed some details of Aleksandr Lukashenko’s meetings and negotiations during his visit to the United Arab Emirates, BelTA reports


The Belarusian leader’s big business trip consisted of three parts: a visit to the United Arab Emirates, a state visit to Zimbabwe in the south of Africa, and then the President visited the UAE again.

"Speaking of the first part, we can say that, of course, almost all the work of the Head of State there was actually hidden from anyone's eyes. It was not public. At the same time, it was a very intensive process. Broadly speaking, the work plan for that first part of the visit was not just 100 percent fulfilled: it was overfulfilled," Ms. Eismont stated.

According to the press secretary, two main points were under discussion, including the security issues that the whole world and all countries are now interested in.

"At the airport, the President was welcomed and accompanied by the Interior Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (the brother of the current Head of State). You understand perfectly well: that was for a good reason. A brief meeting took place at the airport, and later – I can only say that the work dealing with the discussion of the security matters – continued," the press secretary added.

The second big set of issues during the first part of the visit concerned the economy. “There were different meetings, and I would like to mention the largest investment project that the United Arab Emirates is implementing in our country: the most famous Northern Waterfronts project worth $5bn of investments. All this speaks for itself. The President held a meeting with the company heads, and the parties had a lot to talk about. Various issues and nuances were clarified, including the deadlines. Of course, the President wants the project to be implemented as soon as possible. There are many nuances, and it was necessary to discuss them,” Ms. Eismont shared the details.

"Further – also without naming specific topics or personalities – I can say that the Head of State held a meeting with Russian businessmen in the United Arab Emirates, and even with Belarusian businessmen who asked for an appointment. Those meetings took place there – also for certain reasons. Some of them had not been even pre-scheduled, but they still took place," the press secretary noted.

So, after arriving to the UAE late on January 25th, the President had an intensive schedule of meetings for four days (from Thursday to Sunday) before going to Zimbabwe.

"I want to say that the President's schedule is sometimes not as intense even in Minsk as it was during that first part of the visit," Ms. Eismont stressed.