Posted: 25.01.2024 16:23:00

Gaidukevich: West’s sanctions only strengthened Belarus’ sovereignty

Today Belarus is being strangled by unfounded sanctions, but, let’s say, the Belarusian machine building industry is showing the best performance in recent years due to the competent policy of the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, who from the first days of his presidency paid attention to the preservation of enterprises. That’s why Belarus – unlike other European countries – is strengthening its sovereignty, said member of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly Oleg Gaidukevich in his talk with Alfa Radio.

According to the deputy, the sanctions that the West imposed on Belarus only strengthened its sovereignty:

“Germany, e.g., and Europe as a whole are losing their sovereignty, while Belarus is strengthening it. We not only survived the sanctions, but thanks to them we also strengthened our country. Our economic indicators are growing, despite unprecedented pressure, because that’s what sovereignty is. We also built an alliance with Russia to strengthen statehood. This is when a country is truly sovereign, and not when a state bans a language and abandons its history. All this is stupidity and the sale of one’s own country to please the West. This is exactly what Ukraine did. Sovereignty is when decisions on the territory of a country are made by the power that is located inside this country, and does this in the interests of the people and the state. Not once has our President underlined that the decisions in Belarus are made by him, by the Government, by those officials who live here, rather than by those somewhere in the West, East or South.”

Oleg Gaidukevich noted that if we talk about the development of machine building, then in this area the sanctions also benefited Belarus, “Only after these packages of sanctions were introduced against Russia and Belarus did we begin to truly build a sovereign economy. Yes, Belarus used to do this too, but without Russia it was difficult. Previously, Russia used to believe that it was possible to build good relations with the West, sell resources there, and also buy. But today both Russia and Belarus understand that they must rely on their own production, on a sovereign economy, and then there will be success. Aleksandr Lukashenko always did this, so he kept all production facilities and was against privatisation. <...> Everything that belongs to the people was sold out in the West. Why is European power so dependent on the White House? Because everything is tied to money. Transnational companies own huge European resources, and their politicians are puppets. Behind every European politician there are groups that lead them. But no one stands behind our President except the nation. The same can be said about Russia. This is the strength and opportunity to defend one’s own sovereignty!”