Posted: 01.10.2021 17:20:00

Deputy Prime Minister Petrishenko is convinced: the older generation demonstrates faithful service to their country

The older generation is showing an example of faithful service to the people of Belarus through their work – as noted by the Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, on the eve of the Day of the Elderly celebrations

“The generation of people older than 65 has experienced great trials. However, these people have withstood all of them with dignity. Through their hard work, a thorough and conscientious attitude they are demonstrating an example of faithful service to their country. Their optimism and vital energy set the pace for our younger generation which should take an example from these people. Even after retirement, our elderly citizens continue to work: about 1.7 percent of those aged 65-74 are employed in such spheres as education, healthcare and science,” the Deputy Prime Minister addressed those present.

Mr. Petrishenko noted that older people pass on their professional experience to the youth – which is an important trend. Largely due to this, a range of industries continue to develop effectively.

“Last year, the Government for the first time adopted a programme document on behalf of the Head of State: Active Longevity – 2030. It outlines the criteria and approaches of how we should encourage and assist our older citizens,” the official said, also reminding of the state support to the elderly. “The Belarusian economy is socially oriented and all the riches that the country creates are used to support older people who’ve deserved such an attitude from the state owing to their hard work. In addition, the state allocates funds to ensure creative activity – rendering support to public organisations, associations and territorial social service centres countrywide to help those in need,” Mr. Petrishenko stated.