Posted: 19.12.2023 15:00:00

Deputy PM Zayats on results of meeting with Lukashenko’s participation

By 2025, Belarus must carry out the reclamation of agricultural lands, Deputy Prime Minister Leonid Zayats told reporters after the meeting with the President

According to the Deputy PM, this year’s goal was to bring 110,000 hectares of land into agricultural production, and it is confirmed by all regions, “There remain 8,700 hectares for seasonal works, which are postponed to 2024. There’re also 323km of drainage left to be laid out of 4,140km planned for 2023. The goal has been set to reclamate all areas by 2025.”

The Deputy PM underlined that cultural and technical reclamation will be conducted at the expense of the funds and resources of agricultural producers, “They are the owners of this land and are obliged to put in order the part that is within their power. Where special equipment is needed, the state will help. Resources have been allocated for 2024, and within the framework of these resources we will work to restore order.”

According to Leonid Zayats, the President criticised those land users to whom lands were transferred after reclamation, and they are used ineffectively, “Everyone who received from the state, let’s say, such lands as a gift, must have personal responsibility. It is necessary to sow these fields and get a harvest no worse than from all other areas.”

Moreover, the Deputy Prime Minister underlined that, all reclamation equipment that is currently on the balance sheet of reclamation organisations must – at the request of the President – be repaired before April.