Posted: 25.04.2022 13:23:00

Deputy Energy Minister: processes in Europe don’t affect Belarus’ energy security

This was stated by Belarus’ Deputy Energy Minister Denis Moroz during his talk with 1st Channel of the Belarusian Radio


Programme host Pavel Lazovik noted that in the face of Western pressure on our economy, it is necessary to be ready to respond to all sectors, including the energy sphere.

“The processes taking place in Europe do not affect the energy security of Belarus because we are in fundamentally different conditions. We have our own independent system of energy and gas supply, buying our main energy resources from the Russian Federation. Therefore, we do not feel any direct influence on ourselves. Our consumers see this in monthly housing and utility bills, there is no price increase,” said the Deputy Minister.

In his opinion, the ongoing processes in European countries are based solely on business, and not on social orientation, as in our state. Their establishments are looking for ways to make money without focusing on the end consumer.

“Ill-conceived political steps lead to an increase in prices for energy resources,” added Denis Moroz.