Posted: 04.11.2021 17:43:00

Dendrological garden planned for Braslav Lakes National Park

Creation of a dendrological garden at the Braslav Lakes National Park is envisaged by the 2022-2026 park management plan which updated version is becoming available to the general public this month

Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

As explained by the National Park employees, creation of a dendrological garden pursues several goals. Firstly, it produces an opportunity to study growth and development of technically valuable and decorative trees and shrubs in local conditions (including microclimatic). Secondly, the garden will contribute to creation of an arboretum collection which can become an additional attraction, and an object of ecological and educational tourism.

It is assumed that a fund of various types of coniferous and deciduous species, fruit and berry trees and shrubs, ornamental and medicinal plants, spicy and aromatic herbs that do not grow in natural conditions on the territory of Belarus will be collected. Over 10 hectares of the territory need to be landscaped to further expand a range of tourist and recreational services, increase the National Park’s attractiveness and use the new garden’s collection for scientific studies of flora development in local conditions.

Works will start in 2022-2023, at the expense of the Republican budget and the National Park’s funds.