Posted: 10.03.2022 14:39:00

Defence Ministry: we are engaged exclusively in ensuring Belarus’ security

Belarus’ Defence Minister Viktor Khrenin – who was among the participants of today’s meeting with the President – has informed that one of the most important tasks of the Belarusian army now is to cover the back of the country’s main ally

“With this in mind, we keep track of all the events that are happening on our western borders. We also see and hear alarmist statements made by a number of politicians. We observe how NATO's eastern flank is being strengthened: based on our estimates, more than 10,000 people have already arrived in the western countries,” Mr. Khrenin said.

A contingent is also present there as part of the Atlantic Resolve exercise, and there is an enhanced forward presence (12,000 people). Requests are also heard today to deploy additional battalions near the Belarusian borders. By the way, one of the American battalions is already stationed at a Lithuanian training ground.

“We register the strengthening of the aviation grouping; what is more, over 80 aircraft have arrived from the continental part of America. There are 156 combat aircraft in Poland alone, including over 30 American. They make flights daily – and these flights take place not far from our state border," the Defence Minister noted, adding that destroyers armed with missiles with a range of up to 1,600km are stationed in the Baltic Sea.

“Almost the whole of Belarus is in this zone of destruction, so this cannot but worry us. We are on duty in an enhanced mode, and our immediate response forces are ready to perform tasks for their intended purpose. Five battalion tactical groups are performing tasks to cover the southern borders where – as the President also stated – the mercenaries who are now entering the territory of Ukraine, doing this uncontrollably, give cause for concern. Their movement in the direction of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant cannot but alarm us. Based on this, we are taking all measures,” Mr. Khrenin stressed.

The Defence Minister also recalled the most important message of the President made by him while signing of the Decision of the nationwide referendum, “We will fight, struggle and die on our own land. For us – the military – this sounds like a task. We, all military servicemen, are on our land – the territory of the Republic of Belarus – and are performing tasks aimed exclusively to ensure the security of our country. We have done it, we are doing it now and we will continue to do it. There will be no others – no matter how anyone tries to come up with some insinuations.”