Posted: 12.03.2022 11:52:00

Defence Ministry: Ukrainian leadership’s fake statements are screens for their provocations

This opinion was expressed by the Assistant to the Defence Minister for Ideological Work in the Armed Forces, Chief of the Main Ideological Directorate of the Belarusian Defence Ministry, Major General Leonid Kasinsky


“There is a strong impression that the military-political leadership of Ukraine has completely lost control over the situation. Only this can explain the complete inconsistency in actions and the presentation of information,” his words are quoted in the Telegram channel of the Defence Ministry.

He also added that the fakes spread by Ukraine on March 11th about alleged strikes by the Russian Federation on settlements on the territory of Belarus, as well as about the fake offensive of the Armed Forces of Belarus at 9pm on March 11th, were supported by new information.

“Advisor to the Head of Ukrainian President’s Office, Oleksiy Arestovych, commenting on the events of March 11th, confirming the information of the Belarusian Defence Ministry, said that there were no strikes. At the same time, the Defence Ministry of Ukraine, as of midnight on March 11th, stated that they were. This state of affairs indicates to a complete loss of control and, in the context of the emerging military-political situation, is fraught with serious consequences, primarily for ordinary citizens of Ukraine,” commented the officer.

According to him, the provocative and fake statements of the Ukrainian leadership are an attempt to destabilise the situation or a screen to cover up their own provocations.