Posted: 18.06.2024 14:34:00

New methodology for assessing military security proposed to Lukashenko by Belarus’ Defence Ministry

Belarus’ Defence Ministry has presented a new methodology for assessing the state of security in the military sphere to the President during today’s meeting of the Security Council – as noted by Defence Minister Viktor Khrenin

“The current changes in the geopolitical situation, as well as new challenges to military security that have arisen, force us to completely review the methodology towards assessing military security, which has been done by the country’s defence department on the basis of the approved National Security Concept. We’ve developed a completely new methodology for assessing military security, and today it has been proposed to the Head of State. It’s objective, comprehensive and timely, being interconnected with both political and economic issues,” Viktor Khrenin stressed.

According to him, representatives of state bodies and the scientific community were involved in the development of the new methodology.

Economy Minister Yuri Chebotar reported on the state of national security and proposals to improve its assessment in the economic, social and other spheres during today’s meeting of the Security Council. According to him, the President constantly focuses on the stable operation of the economy.

“Therefore, when discussing today economic security indicators, we’ve focused on those areas that most concern us. As for the economic sphere, these are issues related to export diversification and assessment of economic performance in comparison with other countries. In this regard, we’ve proposed appropriate additions to the indicators that would give us a more objective assessment. Many countries talk about technological and digital security. So, we’ve suggested that the Head of State tighten the parameters somewhere in order to encourage regulators to work more dynamically in this direction.”

Yuri Chebotar also noted a fairly large block of indicators in the socio-demographic sphere, enabling us to respond to modern challenges and threats.