Posted: 20.04.2024 12:52:00

Defence Ministry employees cleaning up the site of Shturmovaya partisan brigade headquarters

Belarus’ Defence Minister and the leadership of the military department are taking part in the nationwide subbotnik today, landscaping the site of the headquarters of the Shturmovaya partisan brigade in the Minsk Region

Defence Minister Lieutenant General Viktor Khrenin noted that holding republican subbotniks has already become a good tradition for Belarusians, “As a rule, servicemen of the Armed Forces put in order the memorial sites on this day, and this is our sacred duty. Today, together with a group of officers and Suvorov's School cadets, we are putting in order a memorial sign and a military cemetery, where the headquarters of the partisan assault brigade, consisting of six detachments, operated and housed. The brigade of 500-600 people operated on the territory of four Minsk districts. In addition, upon the initiative of the personnel of the sixth brigade, all the money generated during the subbotnik will be allocated to reconstruct the Children – Victims of War monument in Krasny Bereg, to construct the Republican Centre for Patriotic Education of Youth in the Brest Fortress, and to revamp other memorial complexes countrywide. This is very important for us.”

The Defence Minister concluded, “By holding many different events within the framework of combat training, increasing military-national readiness, calling up military personnel, we communicate with people and see that Belarusians are now much interested in understanding the importance of protecting our Fatherland. Over the decades, the idea of national defence of the Fatherland has already become part of our national genetic code.”