Posted: 11.11.2021 14:00:00

Defence Ministry: Belarus, Russia ready to ensure military security

As posted by the Belarusian Defence Ministry’s Telegram channel, Belarus and Russia are ready to ensure military security of the Union State in any situation and conditions


As it’s been reported earlier, flights of strategic aviation of Russia’s Aerospace Forces in the airspace of our country will take place on a regular basis. The Defence Ministry informs that two Tu-160 supersonic strategic bombers are practicing a number of combat training tasks, including simulated bombing at the Ruzhansky aviation training ground, without the use of aviation weapons. At the same time, the fighter aircraft of the Belarusian Air Force have solved the task of their conditional interception and are currently providing support along the flight route.

The Defence Ministry stresses that the ongoing inspection of the forces on duty that are part of the Belarusian-Russian joint regional air defence system as well as the tasks which are being solved indicate the readiness and determination of Belarus and Russia to ensure the military security of the Union State in any conditions – either in the air or on the ground.