Posted: 24.06.2024 14:22:00

Defence Minister: no one can be trusted in the West, because they always adhere to aggressive plans against us

There is now an increased militarisation in the West, with the countries carrying out a set of activities aimed at preparing for war. The number of operational combat training activities in Europe has increased, alongside the constant conduct of intelligence against Belarus – as noted by Defence Minister, Lieutenant General Viktor Khrenin, in his talk with the STV TV channel.

“The complex of measures announced within the framework of the Defender-2024 drills has passed, and some of the Western troops have returned to their permanent locations, but the number and level of combat training activities of the national Armed Forces remains at a high level today. We can all see this at the Pabrade training area, where a reinforced American tank battalion is currently deployed,” Viktor Khrenin said.

Therefore, according to the Defence Minister, no one can be trusted in the West, because they always adhere to aggressive plans.

“I remember the US Chief of Staff made a call to our Chief of the General Staff. The Belarusian asked the American what the US battalion was doing 15km from Belarus’ state border? He received an answer that it’s temporary, and it would leave. So this has been temporary for three years now. Therefore, no one can be trusted there, because we see their aggressive plans. And that’s why we’re getting ready. We’re determined to respond. It’s better they don’t bother us. Or it’s even better, if they negotiate with us.”