Posted: 20.12.2021 13:10:00

Czeczko told about killing of refugees at the border

Soldier Emil Czeczko, who fled from Poland to Belarus and asked for political asylum, told Belarus 1 TV channel that there has never been such a situation when they convoyed migrants and did not kill them


— That is, they killed two people? Volunteer Poles? Have you seen it yourself? – Ksenia Lebedeva, a journalist from Belarus 1 TV channel, asked the Polish soldier.

— Yes. One was shot in the head, and the other one – when he asked where we were taking refugees – was put in a row with the others.

— With refugees?

— Yes.

— What happened?

— The same as always.

— What always happened?

— There has never been such a situation when we convoyed migrants and they were not killed. We’ve always killed.

— Where are the bodies of these migrants?

— They are buried in the ground or torn into pieces by wolves but most are in the pits. It’s hard for me to say how many such graves are. I was only one of the soldiers forced to do this by the border guards. The Red Cross just has to get there and investigate it all.

— Do you understand that in this situation you are a victim, that you were forced to do it?

— Yes, I understand that I was forced. But it is very difficult, if someone forced someone to do this, it is very difficult to forgive yourself. It’s hard to forgive, even if you were forced to do it.

— Probably, if you hadn’t done it, they could have killed you along with the others?

— I know, but what difference does it make?

— By your standards, how many refugees were killed by the Polish security forces?

— One patrol took two soldiers, who daily killed a group of people who could be placed in the back of a military truck.