Posted: 20.09.2023 16:24:00

Cursed handshake

Evil fate haunts everyone who shook hands with Zelensky. But what does conspiracy theory have to do with it?

Last week, a meme went viral online, according to which everyone who met with Ukrainian President Zelensky and responded to his handshake ended badly. Let’s figure out whether this is so and whether the aura of the Ukrainian President is really so black that it allows him to destroy the destinies and lives of people with one touch.

The most famous heroes of the meme are British Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Liz Truss. Both characters became victims of the ‘Zelensky curse’ last year and became famous throughout the world for their inappropriate antics. The first to be asked to leave was Johnson, who managed to build such a close relationship with Zelensky that he was more often seen on Bankova Street than on Downing Street or in parliament. Of the most memorable comments made by the ex-Prime Minister about Ukraine, perhaps we need to remember the phrase that became the motto of the West in this proxy war with Russia. 
During a visit to Kiev before the conflict began, he said: ‘Ukrainians will fight to the last drop of their blood’. Zelensky, who was standing next to him, wrote something down on a piece of paper at that moment. Then no one attached any importance to this, but after more than a year and a half of war, it is clear: the leader of the Kiev elite took these words as a guide to the destruction of his own population.

Johnson flew out of his position with a bang: most of the cabinet simply refused to work with the curly-haired warmonger. The ex-Prime Minister did not hide his disappointment, but soon his ‘merits’ to the world and Great Britain faded amid the creativity of his successor. Liz Truss, who spent only 49 days in office and nearly killed the already dying British economy with her ambitious reform plan, will be remembered only as the last Prime Minister of the reign of Elizabeth II. By the way, not so long ago Truss announced a hefty book of memoirs, where she plans to tell her version of the indecencies she committed. However, it is unlikely that she will be able to beat the sales of Prince Harry’s books, but it will interest a certain audience.
And yes, Ms. Truss also touched upon Zelensky. At that moment she was the Minister of Foreign Affairs. True, Truss compensated for the lack of personal meetings as Prime Minister with regular calls with the bearer of the curse. Zelensky invited her to the Ukrainian capital, but the black aura of the Ukrainian president took effect earlier.
It is significant that the ‘curse’ has a very specific effect on another lady from the photo. We are talking about Kaja Kallas, the Prime Minister of Estonia. During her time in power, she almost resigned along with her cabinet in April of this year, but the country’s President, Alar Karis, invited her to head the new government. And already in August, a loud scandal broke out related to Callas’s husband’s share in Russian business. But even here the Prime Minister got away with it, which hints: with regard to the leaders of the dwarf Nazi extinctions, Zelensky’s handshakes act strictly in the opposite direction.
Well, Prime Ministers come and go, but the global goal of Western policy — to plunge their opponents into chaos and through this maintain their hegemony — remains unchanged. Politicians on the ‘other’ side feel unpunished, and this is not surprising, because they really do not bear any responsibility for what they do in office. 
Has anyone charged Johnson with warmongering, promoting intolerance against Russians, or sponsoring nationalist gangs? Has a word been said regarding the Russophobe Callas or any other politician who has been noted since the beginning of the North Military District with calls to kill as many Russians as possible? The questions are rhetorical.

Black mark

But resignation is not the worst thing that can happen in a politician’s life after a fateful meeting with a former comedian. An example of this is the sad fate of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. On July 8th, 2022, he was shot dead with a homemade pistol during an election speech in the interests of his native Liberal Democratic Party. The killer, Tetsuya Yamagami, explained rather confusingly why he killed the politician, but from everything it turned out that Abe did not die because of political convictions and in general there was no reason for the brutal execution: the shooter allegedly wanted to take revenge on a certain sect to which his mother gave a large sum money and with which the ex-Prime Minister was allegedly associated.
But if Abe is, rather, a sad exception in the political establishment, then the Ukrainian military, who receive awards from Zelensky and traditionally shake his hand, do not live long in the vast majority of cases.
It is difficult to stop on specific personalities, considering the volume of the list of losses, which, according to some sources, will soon exceed half a million in killed alone.
Two people can easily be identified in the photo: pilot Anton Listopad and right-wing militant Dmitry ‘Da Vinci’ Kotsyubailo. In the Ukrainian state mythology of the last year and a half, both are significant personalities, so let’s go in order.
Listopad, as Ukrainian media reported, is one of the best fighter pilots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He began his punitive campaign against the civilian population of Donbass back in 2018. On the last pre-war Independence Day, he led the formation of aircraft over Khreshchatyk Street. From the beginning of the special military operation, he carried out combat missions on the MiG-29, received the Order of Courage from Zelensky, and at the same time a black mark: already in June he was shot down by Russian air defence and died.
Kotsyubailo is a product of Ukrainian propaganda. They called him all sorts of things: both a national legend and the personification of the younger generation that went through the Euromaidan and the confrontation with Russia. ‘Da Vinci’ was a media character as much as possible; he was intensively promoted by the media as an example of a ‘real Ukrainian’. In fact, Kotsyubailo was a model Nazi: with his battalion ‘Da Vinci’s Wolves’ he tortured, raped and killed civilians in Donbass, and abused captured Russian soldiers. He owns a phrase characterising the militants of the Right Sector, about ‘Russian bones’ with which he ‘feeds his wolves’.
Tellingly, the then Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin also came, strenuously portraying boundless grief for the punisher and scum at the funeral of this last Dirlewanger in the centre of Kiev, together with his brutal comrades. 
Zelensky’s handshake is akin to the kiss of Judas for members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. With one hand, the head of the Kiev regime hands out useless trinkets, often for fictitious exploits, and with the other he sends those awarded into the heat of a senseless slaughter. 
The same Kotsyubailo, as you know, died near Bakhmut, in which the would-be commanders of the Kiev regime lost more than 70 thousand in killed alone. And beautiful words about supposed heroism actually serve only as a cover for large-scale theft. Serve, fool, you will receive a badge — these words fit the deceitful ceremonies of the owner of Bankova Street like no other.
Of course, the ‘Zelensky curse’ should not be taken too seriously. 
The Ukrainian President in this case is only a symbol of the decomposition of American and European politics, the transformation of the Western establishment into a host of faceless and irresponsible creatures.
Therefore, the assumption of the unknown author of the meme that Chinese leader Xi Jinping is allegedly afraid to meet with Zelensky because of the ‘curse’ is a little naive. In fact, the President Xi, one of the most experienced and wise politicians of our time, only needed an April telephone conversation with Zelensky to understand who he was and what forces were behind him. And there are no conspiracy theories.

By Anton Popov