Posted: 23.05.2022 10:47:00

CSTO enjoys tremendous opportunities, its Secretary General says

In his talk with Belarus 1 TV channel, Stanislav Zas, the CSTO Secretary General, noted the organisation has come a long way over two decades of its existence


“Actually, twenty years are not a long term but, over this time, we have come a long way. The CSTO is now an established, international organisation – which is quite effective, in my opinion, and, importantly, multifunctional. That is, it is not simply a military-political bloc, but a multifunctional organisation that protects against other threats. Importantly, we have created strong mechanisms and a legal base. We have forces and means, and our crisis response system functions well,” Mr. Zas said.

The CSTO Secretary General stressed, “Actually, we have all the possibilities at the moment to serve as a guarantor of security for our states. I think we are truly a good shield for all of our six member countries.”