Posted: 21.12.2021 11:36:00

Cosmonaut Novitsky shared career plans

Oleg Novitsky commented on his recently completed third space flight and shared plans for a possible fourth flight during a direct telephone line organised by the Belarus Segodnya Publishing House

“Are you happy with the results of your third flight?” host Natalia Ostapchuk asked.

“I am very pleased! The flight was intense – and this was a piece of happiness. I was lucky to perform three spacewalks, one re-docking and undocking of the module, and its removal from the station. I also worked with the Nauka science module. The programme was rich, so I am very happy. I was fully satisfied with the flight. We are always ready for these actions – such as spacewalks, re-docking and so on – but not every flight programme envisages their performing in orbit. Therefore, there is probably a good luck here,” Mr. Novitsky said.

“We believe that there will be a fourth flight as well. A medical board will later determine whether you will be able to participate. Would you like to?”

“At the moment, I wish to fully rehabilitate to preserve my health,” the cosmonaut admitted. “I also want to relax: I have many days available for holidaying. It is now necessary to think about myself, my family and the people I love. A decision will be made later based on the medical board’s conclusions.”