Posted: 20.11.2023 16:47:00

Construction of large-scale wind-wave deepwater lab launched in China

The construction of a large-scale wind-wave deepwater laboratory has been launched in the coastal city of Dalian (China’s Liaoning Province), Xinhua reports


Jointly invested by Dalian University of Technology and the China Three Gorges Corporation, the Wind-Wave Deepwater Basin project, after completion, will ensure effective simulation of the wind-wave complex marine dynamic environment and provide high-precision experimental simulation technology for simulating the effects of extreme marine dynamic environments on engineered structures.

As stated at the Dalian University of Technology, such a large-scale wind-wave deepwater laboratory is unrivalled worldwide.

The total area allocated for the project covers 16,000sq.m, the construction area is 8,100sq.m. The construction of the laboratory is set to complete in late 2026.

Vice Dean of the School of Infrastructure Engineering at the Dalian University of Technology Lyi Lin said that waves and wind have a great influence on offshore engineering facilities. In this regard, they cannot be ignored when designing and operating marine equipment.

In the future, the lab will provide first-class research and development facilities, as well as high-quality technical services to meet the important national needs of the People’s Republic of China, such as the development of deep-sea oil and gas resources, the use of renewable energy sources in coastal waters and the construction of offshore transport infrastructure.