Posted: 02.02.2023 16:20:00

Colourful splash in Amsterdam

Every year in January, Amsterdam officially kicks off the tulip season during National Tulip Day


Thousands of people gathered in the Dutch capital to celebrate the country’s national flower the tulip. For the occasion, tulip growers created a colourful garden made up of 200,000 colourful buds in Museumplein Square.
Dutch tulip growers invite everyone to pick a bunch of tulips for free in a specially constructed picking garden. Together with tens of thousands of visitors, the Dutch tulip growers ensure a colourful start to the new season.
The Amsterdam and Keukenhof Tulip Festival 2023 will take place from March 23rd to May 14th, marking the start of the spring season in Holland. It’s a sight to behold as millions of flowers begin to bloom in the most beautiful colours across the province. Over 7 million bulbs are planted by hand in autumn so they can flower just in time for spring.
Until the end of April (for approximately 100 days), Dutch tulips will be available worldwide in more than 1,000 different varieties. From bright yellow to deep purple, from lily-shaped to fringed and from bicoloured to double-flowered. Over the season, Dutch producers grow between 1.7 and 1.9 billion tulips, which are exported to over 100 countries.

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