Posted: 20.10.2021 09:15:00

CIS customs services agree on joint work

Plans for the work to curb violations of the law have been approved at a meeting of the Committee of Heads of Law Enforcement Units of the Council of Heads of Customs Services of the CIS Member States held in Tashkent – as reported by the State Customs Authorities of Belarus


It’s been informed that experts of the working groups considered issues of countering criminal activity in the field of international drug trafficking, and improving information exchange on detected crimes. Approaches to the organisation of joint measures to curb illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances have been developed.

According to the State Customs Authorities of Belarus, another important topic put on the agenda of the Committee's work was the specifics of investigation of cases of administrative offenses, taking into account changes in the administrative, criminal, and criminal procedure legislation of the CIS member states.

As reported, the meeting participants outlined and agreed on the directions of further work aimed at identification and suppression of violations of customs legislation. Customs officers also exchanged experience in training dog handlers and service dogs, and also the results of their canine units’ work.