Posted: 02.02.2023 09:40:00

China says NATO preparing for direct clash with Russia

The words of NATO Military Committee Chair Rob Bauer about the readiness for a clash with Russia are not just a threat, they indicate the preparation of the alliance for any scenario in Ukraine – as noted by columnist Song Zhongping in an article for the Global Times, RIA Novosti reports


Earlier, in an interview with the Portuguese edition of RTP, Bauer said that the alliance was ready for a direct confrontation with Russia. The military leader said that the industrial production of the NATO states must be reoriented to the military sphere.

The observer believes that Bauer’s statements are intended to ‘draw a line’ in order to prevent the military conflict from spreading to the territory of NATO countries. It is now unlikely that the alliance will directly intervene in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, he added.

“However, this does not mean that the organisation is not making military preparations for a potential direct confrontation with Russia, especially when it believes that Moscow may cross the so-called NATO red line,” Song Zhongping warned.

In his opinion, the West is not really ready to conduct military operations, but it is in the interests of the US to continue the proxy war by dragging out the Ukrainian crisis.