Posted: 18.06.2024 14:18:00

China declared readiness to work with Russia to ensure security around the world

China is ready to join Russia and other countries in ensuring security in the Eurasian space and around the world in order to resolve differences and conflicts peacefully, TASS reports with reference to China’s Foreign Ministry


"China and Russia are permanent members of the UN Security Council, they are key emerging market powers. Our countries have an important responsibility to ensure international and regional security, as well as stability," the Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed in a comment on the proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin to form a new security system based on Greater Eurasian Partnership.

The statement clarifies that the Chinese side is ‘ready to implement a global security initiative together with the international community, including Russia’. It adds that Beijing is striving to form an appropriate concept that will focus on equal and sustainable co-operation and at the same time to take into account ‘the rational concerns of each country’.

In this way, China intends ‘to resolve differences and conflicts between states through dialogue and consultations, in a peaceful way’.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin instructed the Russian Foreign Ministry to contribute as much as possible to international agreements on the formation of a new security system. He noted that Greater Eurasian Partnership could become its socio-economic basis.