Posted: 17.03.2023 14:07:00

Children at risk of poverty in EU

One in four children in the EU is at risk of poverty or social exclusion, which amounts to twenty million children under the age of eighteen without secure fundamental rights


The current cost-of-living crisis is making the situation even worse, especially for low-income families relying on welfare benefits, said Eric Grosshaus, Advocacy Officer for Child Poverty and Social Inequality at Save the Children Germany. “The money they receive from the government is not sufficient for healthy nutrition and is putting children at risk of malnutrition and thus lifelong negative consequences for their health and development,” he noted.
Choosing between heating and food should not be a reality for these families, said S&D MEP Brando Benifei at the launch of Save the Children’s report — Guaranteeing Children’s Future — which has assessed the state of child poverty in the different member states.
The report shows that the poor living conditions of these children are reflected in their access to healthy food, (free) education, adequate housing, social services and health care (including mental health, the great forgotten area until the arrival of COVID-19).

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