Posted: 20.07.2022 13:34:00

Chibisov: CSTO plays very important stabilising role in post-Soviet space

Military co-operation as part of the Union State and the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) is a stabilising factor in the post-Soviet space. However, some CSTO and CIS members are obviously taking a wait-and-see now rather than offensive position. Military analyst Igor Chibisov told the portal about whether Belarus and Russia could be left without allied support in the face of the current unprecedented pressure from the West in such a situation.

“Over the past years, the CSTO has become a fully-fledged international structure and will continue to develop. It plays a very important stabilising role in the post-Soviet space. The format of the organisation is very important within the space of the former USSR, enabling to exchange information and weapons, to preserve brotherhood in arms, military personnel training systems, uniform military standards and a common command language. Unfortunately, the CSTO has not yet turned into an analogue of the Warsaw Pact. At the same time, the CSTO showed the whole world and forced it to be respected – in connection with the dramatic events in Kazakhstan. The United States and its allies are consistently making efforts to break up the integration associations: the CSTO, the CIS and the EAEU. They want to turn Eurasia into a blazing space with many opposing states, turned – like Ukraine – into puppet and colonial countries. This is the long-term strategy of the West. Therefore, our President boldly expressed at the CSTO summit all the shortcomings that he sees, indicating further ways to eliminate them. Thus, it is necessary that the organisation act as a united front in resolving the most important military-political issues in protecting the interests of our states at the international level. Therefore, it is necessary to do a lot of work to improve ties in the CSTO and to establish close co-operation between the organisation and the SCO countries.”