Posted: 11.06.2024 15:27:00

CEC Chairman on elections: issues of security and ensuring electoral sovereignty have top priority

The Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus (CEC), Igor Karpenko, told journalists after his report to the President about the important events that are planned for this year with the participation of Belarus’ CEC

Igor Karpenko said that this year the CEC of Belarus is celebrating its 35th birthday, “On December 4th, we plan to hold a large expanded meeting of the CEC, involving veterans, those who have made a special contribution to the development of the electoral system of sovereign Belarus. We also plan to organise an international scientific and practical conference dedicated to ensuring electoral sovereignty. This topic is especially relevant nowadays, taking into account the hybrid impact on countries and economies.”

Moreover, according to Mr. Karpenko, a meeting of the Advisory Council of the CIS Electoral Bodies will be held in Minsk in September, during which Belarus will take over the chairmanship from the Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan.

The CEC Head also said that the concept of digitalisation of the electoral process has been developed in Belarus, “This does not mean that we will hold the presidential elections in some new electronic format. The President gave the go-ahead for us to discuss this concept with all interested parties and to see which elements are acceptable to us today, taking into account the experience of our neighbours. The concept is aimed at ensuring that we primarily develop our domestic product, so that we have our own domestic operator. The issues of security and ensuring electoral sovereignty have top priority in this regard.”