Posted: 09.03.2023 15:07:00

Cancer immunotherapy using stem cells successfully tested in Japan

Japanese scientists from Kyoto University have successfully carried out an experiment on cancer immunotherapy using induced stem cells (iPS cells), TASS reports


In the course of the study, experts created immune cells from iPS cells with an enhanced ability to attack cancer-affected tissues. They were then injected into rodents afflicted with cancer. As a result, it was confirmed that the mice showed positive changes in the body, including the suppression of tumour growth.

One type of immunotherapy, called CAR-T, is used to treat patients with blood cancer. CAR-T is the removal of immune cells from the body, programming them to fight cancer, and then returning them back. Until now, it was possible to do this only with the cells of the patient himself, but the experiments of Japanese scientists indicate that iPS cells are also suitable for this method. Their use will reduce the cost of treatment.