Posted: 29.11.2023 10:43:00

Business on blood

Why does the United States provoke and incite conflicts in different parts of the world

November 18th, The Washington Post newspaper published the article ‘The U.S. won’t back down from the challenge of Putin and Hamas’ signed by President Joe Biden. In it, he declared that Washington stands firmly ‘with the Israeli people’, not forgetting to declare the exclusivity of the United States as an essential nation. At the same time, Biden did not say a word about the need to end the conflict and ceasefire, and most importantly, about the role of his own country in inciting contradictions and American interests in the region.

The President of Belarus, 
Aleksandr Lukashenko,

“I will express my opinion: I think that the USA is sensing changes in the world. Multipolarity and things like that. They do not need this. How can they resist? They are trying to sow chaos inside countries, just as they tried to do in our country, and to reignite dormant conflicts across the globe. Divide and conquer. That’s their politics. The whole Europe is preoccupied with Ukraine and does not care about the Middle East, or other issues. The Middle East escalation will affect the whole Arab world, and Africa. You know the situation in the East — Taiwan and so on. They seek to organise something there, as well. They need to stir up trouble across the globe. By doing so, they want to maintain their dominance in the world.”

During a working trip to the Minsk Region
on October 27th, 2023

Rockets in exchange for loyalty

The cornerstone of American strategy at all times has been the goal of world leadership. During the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, it was successfully implemented relying on military force. The American nation has formed its own civilisational code, the essence of which is to extract benefits based on expansion and violence.
It is no coincidence that Israel, constantly in need of weapons to maintain its own statehood, was for decades the main recipient of American military assistance in the Middle East. Moreover, the main goals of this ‘aid’ are declared to be promoting international development and ensuring US national security interests in the world.
Since 1987, annual military assistance to the Jewish state has been carried out on an ongoing basis. Arms supply programme to Tel Aviv (Foreign Military Financing, FMF) is the largest of all similar programmes that Washington implemented before the start of the Ukrainian conflict. 
During 1998–2007, Israel received an average of $2.4 billion per year, and from 2008 to 2017, about $3 billion annually.
In fact, the United States has been deliberately arming Israel for the past 40 years. The White House has put into practice its own doctrinal guidelines, which make it possible to have a reliable ally in the Middle East region with military power and capabilities that allow it to effectively influence the military-political situation as a whole.

Cynical calculation

Wars and armed conflicts are the real engines of the economy. The American political elite has learned this well. While bringing grief and suffering to some, they provide progressive development and fabulous profits to others. It is no coincidence that since the 40s of the last century, America has been interfering in all world processes, skilfully inciting conflicts, ‘helping’ those at war from the outside and receiving considerable dividends from wars.
No less pragmatic is the US policy towards Israel.
In fact, the United States has been exploiting Arab-Israeli tensions for decades to establish its own dominance in the region, control its natural resources and ensure sustainable demand for its own military products. 
Indirect confirmation of this is Trump’s interview with CBS, where he stated that over 15 years of fighting in the Middle East alone, $6 trillion was spent. And the amount of just one defence contract, signed between the United States and Saudi Arabia in May 2017, amounted to $110 billion.
The war has always been viewed by Washington as ‘an opportunity to transform the system of international relations and assert American leadership in the world’, and US participation in it ‘is not a matter of necessity or survival. It’s a matter of choice and calculation’. These postulates have remained unchanged since 1941, when G. Luce’s article The American Century was published, revealing the foreign policy aspirations of the White House.
In this regard, the events of October 7th, 2023 take on a completely different colour and can be considered as an analogue of September 11th, 2001, as a geopolitical provocation that led to the disruption of the processes of normalisation of the situation in the Middle East region and revived historical contradictions. 
At the same time, no one cared about the fate of the Palestinians and Israelis, and exclusively strategic tasks were solved.

Freedom the American way

Today there is a war in Gaza, civilians are dying, the number of victims is in the tens of thousands. Israel, including with the help of American weapons, continues its ground operation in the Palestinian territories. The degree of mutual hatred and bitterness reaches its limit, resulting in crimes against humanity.
The situation is no less difficult in Ukraine, where people are dying every day and diplomatic efforts to peacefully resolve the conflict are blocked by Washington.
At the same time, the US President, from the pages of an American newspaper, declares that the Middle East and Ukrainian conflicts will lead to ‘tremendous progress, greater hope and greater freedom’.
Based on this, Biden’s words make sense. 
The equal sign put by the head of the White House between the President of Russia and Hamas, who, in his opinion, ‘are fighting to wipe a neighboring democracy off the map, collapse broader regional stability and integration and take advantage of the ensuing disorder’, is an attempt to protect the collapsing ‘American World’ and the right to do whatever they want.

War by proxy

Practice shows that Washington is doing everything possible to continue military operations in Gaza and Ukraine. This is building up its grouping in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea region, supplying weapons and forming coalitions, blocking resolutions in the UN Security Council and financing the war. Today, no one remembers that the United States was the main lobbyist for the elections in Gaza, as a result of which Hamas became a legitimate government, and the coup in Ukraine was the work of American intelligence services. Accordingly, the wars in Palestine and Donbass are also a consequence of Washington’s policies.
The current US President does not hesitate to say this when it comes to the Ukrainian crisis, “We are keeping American troops out of this war by supporting the brave Ukrainians.” That is, the United States is fighting Russia with the forces of Ukraine, preserving its own resources and not taking into account the losses of the ‘Untermenschen’.
The war in Ukraine, Gaza, attempts to resuscitate smouldering conflicts are links in one chain, aimed at preserving the Western world, based ‘on rules’ that do not exist. 
For those involved in warfare, this means pain, suffering, death, grief and loss. Therefore, preventing Belarus from being drawn into war is the most important task of the political authorities.
It is no coincidence that Aleksandr Lukashenko’s Address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly in 2023 was devoted to the conditions for maintaining the country’s sovereignty and independence. Close attention to the Armed Forces and the military organisation of the state, the development of the economy and defence potential, the preservation of historical memory and social justice, foreign policy and alliance building with Russia, the deployment of a regional grouping of troops and the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons, clarification of the National Security Concept and the development of the Union Security Concept states — all these are steps to maintain peace on Belarusian land and strategically contain those who are accustomed to solving their problems at the expense of others and with the wrong hands.

By Nikolai Buzin, Doctor of Military Sciences, Professor, Assistant to the Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly